Humpback Whales

Dive head first into a new giant-screen ocean adventure when Humpback Whales opens at the Ontario Science Centre on May 15, 2015. Narrated by two-time Golden Globe® nominee Ewan McGregor, Humpback Whales is an immersive ocean adventure that invites audiences to delve into the mysterious realm of one of the most enormous and vastly fascinating creatures on earth. Humpback Whales is a MacGillivray Freeman Film presented by Pacific Life.

Humpback Whales takes viewers into the mysterious world of one of nature’s most awe-inspiring marine mammals. Set in the spectacular waters of Alaska, Hawaii and Tonga, the ocean adventure offers audiences an up-close look at how these whales communicate, sing, feed, play and take care of their young. Join a team of researchers and find out why humpbacks are the most acrobatic of all whales, why they sing their beautiful songs, and why these intelligent, 17-metre, 45-metric ton animals migrate up to 16,000 kilometres round-trip every year.

A MacGillivray Freeman film presented by Pacific Life.
Directed by Greg MacGillivray and produced by Shaun MacGillivray. 
One World One Ocean production.
Narrated by two-time Golden Globe® nominee Ewan McGregor.

Photo credit: Copyright 2015 MacGillivray Freeman Films and Pacific Life. Photographer: Michele Hall.
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