Brick Works Academy STEM and STEAM Summer Camps

This summer, kids ages 6 to 14 can combine their love of gaming, LEGO, Minecraft, coding and more at Brick Works Academy Summer Camp Programs. All camps focus on teaching Science, Math, Engineering, Art and Technology. (STEM and STEAM)

Brick Works Academy teaches school board advanced STEM robotics. All lead instructors are certified school teachers. It’s the single largest technology camp in the province; no other camp brings as much LEGO and computer technology to the classroom. 

Kids will learn LEGO Robotics, computer programing skills, and will take on new challenges each day. There is nothing like creating motorised LEGO, controlled by computers. Students learn to solve problems through the engineering method and to think out problems in logical steps.

Among many of the Camp Programs offered, here are just a few highlights: 

A Pokemon Designer Camp will teach digital computer graphics skills, map reading and map creation. There will be Pokemon trading card tournaments, with lessons on strategy and the math behind building strong decks.

3D Computer Animation and Lego Stop Motion Camps allow students to build LEGO characters and background sets. They will learn to outline a plot, draw storyboards, and bring their very own movie to life – one frame at a time. They'll complete their movie by creating an audio track with sound effects, music, and voice-overs.

The Minecraft Computer Camp is the equivalent of being let loose with an unlimited bin of LEGO bricks. The program focuses on building and constructing projects inside the Minecraft world. 30 of your new camp friends will work with you to build giant cities, develop your own custom texture resources and program robots inside the Minecraft world. You’ll take on team and individual challenges inside modded Minecraft servers, all locally hosted with no internet strangers.

Brick Works Academy summer camps have been running for 5 years. Over 4,500 students participated (and loved!) the camps in the last summer alone. Camps are located in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga Port Credit, Hamilton, Guelph, Waterloo, Kitchener, and were voted best summer camp by parents in the 2015, and 2016 Record Readers Choice Awards.

Registration is now open for Summer of 2017. For more information, visit

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