HarbourKIDS: Circus 2017

HarbourKIDS: Circus returns with more marvels for the long weekend, May 20-22

Harbourfront Centre's annual HarbourKIDS: Circus returns this Victoria Day long weekend with an array of marvelous things to see and do! As guest curators for the second year in a row, Femmes de Feu's Holly Treddenick and Adam Lazarus help fill the site and stages with contemporary circus acts for the whole family to watch and interact with. See contemporary circus acts that will have you gasping in awe, doubling over with laughter and perhaps even joining in! 

At the Voyages in Circus Stage, themes of acceleration are explored by looking at travel and voyage-whether by plane, bicycle or through time on the Harbourfront Centre Concert Stage. By using props like silks, low-flying trapezes, hoops, and so much more, Femmes du Feu curates aerial artists that blur the edge between circus and contemporary dance. In the Side Show Expedition, the public is invited to interact with clowns that come in all shapes and sizes. Mimes, characters and puppets from all over the world grace the Stage in the Round, ready to entertain and astound. In Dora award-winning The Circus of Industrious Fleas, Eric Woolfe encourages the audience to tap into their imaginations as the world's greatest flea circus impresario Buster Canfield with his menagerie of mite-sized mini wonders at the Studio Theatre.

Harbourfront Centre artistic associate Allison Cummings notes, "While contemplating the programming for our annual circus festival, we are always inspired to focus on the exciting collision of art and contemporary circus. As a leading contemporary arts hub in Canada, it is essential that we offer new angles and fresh viewpoints while inviting our youngest culture lovers to participate and celebrate the intervention of ideas, performance and art making."

HarbourKIDS: Circus Highlights:

Voyages in Circus Show
May 20 – 22, 2017
Step right up! This steampunk extravaganza has something for the whole family. Witness acrobats on a flying bicycle, marvel at jugglers and take in some vaudeville comedy. This show of contemporary circus works by local artists will also feature a different out-of-town performer from Circus Sessions each day.

Mr. Mess
May 20 – 22, 2017
Mr. Mess wants to do his show but nothing’s going to plan. Expect lots of uppity umbrellas, bursting balloons and strange suitcases in this charming performance.

The Circus of Industrious Fleas
May 20 – 22, 2017
Buster Canfield, the world’s greatest flea circus impresario, returns to Toronto to astound and amaze audiences of all ages with his menagerie of mite sized mini-marvels! The greatest trained fleas ever to hop the Earth will perform for you death defying acts of pulchritude and prowess for your amusement and edification!

May 20 – 22, 2017
Come fly with us! An impressive group of designers have created an interactive installation. Lay in a rigged hammock and hover above the clouds amidst light and sound while tracing your journey beneath you.

Becoming the Human Cannonball Art Station
May 20 – 22, 2017
Led by Toronto visual artist, Aleks Bartosik, you are invited to create your very own super Human Cannonball costume to wear in case you shoot off to the sky! Through art-making using recycled materials, this event creates a conversation between the artist, child, and parent as we explore boundaries between the real and the imaginary.

Admission to the event is Free. For more information and full HarbourKIDS: Circus programming, please visit harbourfrontcentre.com/harbourkids/.

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