TAC SPORTS - Customizing Your Camp Experience

'Love What You Do' at summer camp! That's the basis for the ultimate camp experience at TAC Sports, where kids can customize their own camp weeks with a wide range of activities to choose from. Mix and match your programs from Sports, Technology and the Arts.

TAC Sports offers some of the city's leading camps with activities ranging from soccer, basketball, dance, gymnastics, robotics, other STEM activities and many more! Kids have the opportunity to choose different options for morning or afternoon activities. By allowing campers to target their specific interests, programs will inspire kids to learn, work towards goals, and have tons of fun.

Customized instruction is offered based on age and ability and kids can progress at their own pace with age appropriate learning. The TAC 5 Star Development System breaks down each activity into smaller, manageable areas for improvement. This helps students with their motivation, knowledge and development in each sport they are learning. A low coach-to-student ratio ensures every child gets the attention they deserve from their expert coaches and mentors.

But campers don't just learn skills specific to their activity or sport. They will also acquire a number of life skills as the camp aims to nurture good habits and strives to develop a strong moral character in every child. The confidence they grow in camp can help them in all aspects of their lives.

With a huge range of activities for children (4-12) and Leadership in Training programs for teens (13-16), there’s something for everyone at TAC.‚Äč This year's programs run from June 24th - August 30th, 2019. Camps are offered at multiple locations in the GTA.

TAC Sports is summer camp redefined! Find out more at www.tacsports.ca.

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