The STEAM Project Summer Camp

The STEAM Project: It's the camp you wish existed when you were a kid!

The STEAM Project gives campers with big imaginations the opportunity to think like scientists, artists, and engineers. Kids have the chance to fire up laser cutters, use 3D printers, and take advantage of tools and tech typically unavailable to kids in a traditionally structured school setting. By learning applicable skills such as woodworking and coding with the other members of their age group, campers will be able to take simple concepts and sketches and turn them into mechanical devices using circuits and solar-powered tech, build toys, games, wearable tech and anything else they can think of!

The STEAM Project Team works to offer a deeper exploration of the interaction between science, technology, and design for youth by making new and emerging technology accessible to young minds. The strong emphasis the staff puts on promoting creativity and originality means that they look for every opportunity to allow kids the freedom to design/customize their own projects and translate them into the real world with the materials and equipment provided by the camp.

The camp is run by Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) focused on developing campers' skills and critical thinking abilities. The staff value the campers' personal interests, ideas, and learning styles through activities that involve building projects with real-world connections and designing solutions to various local and global issues; which will open doors for your child's future in engineering, medicine, and innovation.

The STEAM Project: It's the camp you wish existed when you were a kid!

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