More Really Great Boredom Busters for Kids

10 awesome activities your kids will actually love! Have you ever tried to make your own tattoos or stickers? How about making art with paintsicles? Ever eaten the trendy rainbow grilled-cheese? Kids — these activities and more, are just for you!

DIY Temporary Tattoos 
Here's how to make temporary tattoos using your kids’ art. They’ll love sporting these tattoos knowing they had a hand in making the designs. You can purchase temporary tattoo transfer paper at office supply stores, Amazon Canada and Walmart Canada. Get instructions from Hello Wonderful.

Make Marshmallow Play Dough
Making your own edible play dough is child's play when you have marshmallows, plus a few pantry staples. Get instructions from Food Network.

Unicorn Slime Recipe
A super simple and fun children’s craft idea for you to make unicorn slime (without using Borax). Get instructions from My Frugal Adventures.

Rainbow Grilled Cheese
You've probably seen the buzz-worthy rainbow grilled cheese oozing all of its colours on Instagram. Now you can make this sandwich trend at home. Get recipe from The Spruce Eats.

Make Rainbow Bubble Snakes
With warmer days ahead, your kids will want to spend time in the backyard. Here’s a new and colourful way to blow bubbles outside: Rainbow Bubble Snakes. Get instructions from Housing a Forest.

Make Your Own Stickers
Find out how to make custom stickers that can go on anything including laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more! All you need is clear tape, parchment paper, scissors, and a printout of an image that you want (or your own drawing). Get instructions from Kids Fun.

Make Paintsicles
These little frozen paint cubes provide tons of creative fun. Get instructions from Learn With Play at Home.

Origami Jumping Frogs
Let the kids make as many frogs as they like. These frogs actually jump, so they’re pretty fun to play with once you have folded a bunch. Get instructions from It’s Always Autumn.

Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups
These homemade fruit roll-ups are so easy to make with only 3 ingredients! Your kids will love these. Get recipe from The Best Ideas for Kids.

Make Marbled Paper
Explore the art and science of paper marbling and create beautiful, colourful artwork using shaving cream and food colouring. Get instructions from Happy Hooligans.

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