New Animated Series 'Pins and Nettie' Helps Toddlers Deal with Staying at Home

Dublin-based animation studio Daily Madness Productions brings two new sweet and prickly playmates into the lives of your children with Pins and Nettie, a new mini-series for kids under five that focuses on games to play at home. The series premiered on YouTube on April 17.

It stars two little hedgehogs named Pins and Nettie who love nothing more than to go exploring in the suburbs where they live, but their usual adventures are now on hold, because they need to stay at home.

Designed for 1-5 years olds, the first episode talks about feelings that your little one may be experiencing as a result of staying home for so long. These animated characters relate to children on their level, during this difficult time. The first episode titled “Together and Safe,” was specifically created to acknowledge and identify feelings of anxiety (sadness, anger and fear) caused by the current COVID-19 crisis, in a way that is suitable for the youngest audiences. The episode will also lead kids through a simple mindfulness exercise designed to help empower and calm children in moments of anxiety.

Pins and Nettie is now available on YouTube. Check back on this channel for further episodes where Pins and Nettie will learn about a fun new game they can play either indoors or in their backyard, with kid-friendly favourites such as Simon Says, I-Spy and Hide-n-Seek.

Daily Madness will continue to release new episodes of Pins and Nettie ever Friday on the hedgies’ brand-new YouTube Channel until lockdown is lifted and children can return safely to their playgroups, and visit their relatives and friends again. The spiny new friends will also resume their usual adventures further from home.

You can watch Pins and Nettie here.

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