New Toronto Zoo Scenic Drive-Thru Experience Opens This Weekend

Take a drive on the wild side!

The Toronto Zoo has announced that its new Scenic Drive-Thru Experience will open to the public on Saturday, May 23, 2020. This comes as welcomed news as families have been in lock-down since March and when all GTA attractions are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s one of the first opportunities we’ve had for some family fun outside of the home.

Tickets for the new experience go on sale on Friday, May 22nd at 11 am and must be purchased in advance. This visit will be unlike any you’ve had in the past as you see the Zoo from an entirely new perspective. You’ll be driving on staff-only roads, pedestrian walkways through the Zoo site, and even through the lion cave in the African Savanna. Keep your eyes open at every turn; it will be like a real-life safari — only this time, you’ll be seeing animals from around the world.

We are so excited to introduce this new experience to our guests. We have truly missed welcoming people to our Toronto Zoo and this is a new and innovative way for our guests to enjoy the Zoo in the safety of their own vehicles,” said Dolf DeJong, Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Zoo.  

The new Scenic Safari driving route allows guests to see the Zoo’s animals from the comfort and safety of their own vehicle along a 3.4 kilometres route and takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour. During the experience, visitors will have minimal to no contact between guests and Zoo staff/animals.

The route allows Zoo guests to have a unique animal viewing experience complemented by pre-recorded audio with educational content to guide them through the experience. The audio can be downloaded in advance of guests’ arrival in the form of a podcast. There will also be additional signage along the route to guide you. The trek will take you through areas of the Zoo including: Indo-Malaya, African Savanna, Americas and Eurasia.

What you need to know:

▪ Tickets go on sale Friday, May 22nd at 11 am online.
▪ BYOC (Bring your own car). Vehicle dimensions must not exceed 7ft. high or 9ft. wide.
▪ You can only travel with members of your household (the ones you have been isolating with) and no one else.
▪ You cannot leave your car at any point once you start the Scenic Safari route.
▪ Washrooms will only be available prior to the safari in the Zoo’s main parking  lot.

Tickets for the Zoo drive-through experience are:

Car with 2 or less occupants
$44 Non-Member, $32 Member

Car with 3 or more occupants
$59 Non-Member, $47 Member

For tickets and info, go to

Here's a map and video footage showing the Scenic Safari Drive-Thru.

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