Feeding the Birds this Winter

If your kids get tired of watching the snowflakes fall this winter, why not look for colourful birds in your backyard instead? Feeding winter birds is a great pastime for kids. It teaches them kindness and compassion and it’s a great educational experience.

When winter sets in, have your kids build a bird house for the back yard. You can surf the internet for some great project ideas. For example, just search for ‘building a bird house.’

If you’re not the ‘handy’ type, look for some already made bird houses at your local craft store or specialty toy shops. Your kids can still have a blast painting and decorating their own birdhouse.

Here are some tips to get the birdies into your backyard…

- Place a variety of difference feeders – hanging feeders, ground feeders, and platform feeders. That will attract many more species of birds. If you use ground feeders, you’ll be feeding the squirrels too.

- Fill the feeders with black oil sunflower seed and suet (purchased or made at home). Stay away from cheap bird seed mixes that contain lots of seed such as wheat and milo. Those seeds are added as 'fillers' to the mix, and are not preferred by birds.

- Place your feeder in a sheltered area but make sure you are still able to watch the birds. Remember, you can attract wild birds to a spot where you can easily see them.

- Make sure your kids monitor what’s going on at their feeders. They can keep a journals of what’s they’ve observed and what types of birds are visiting.

Not only is bird feeding a fun activity for kids, but it also helps birds through harsh winter conditions when food may be scarce. It may take some time for birds to find your feeder. Your location, the availability of natural food nearby, and the weather can all affect your bird feeding project.

Here’s a great online resource for information on birds!

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