Keeping Kids Active Indoors!

OK… so maybe hoola-hooping on your bed is not such a great idea but there are a number of ways to keeps kids active "indoors," especially during winter when the weather is not at its best!

Instead of having kids resort to watching TV or playing video games, here a few activities to keep them on the go indoors and to keep boredom at bay!

In your home…

Play a game of charades. Act out objects, activities, or themes while others try to guess what they are. You'll be surprised at how energizing this can be.

Create a kid-friendly bowling alley in your living room or basement.

Set up a miniature golf course in your basement.

Play hide and seek, inside.

Make up a scavenger hunt. Have your children collect common things from your home.

Take the blankets off the bed and play parachute games.

Create a family obstacle course using objects from the house. Keep a chart with everyone's time, and challenge each other to improve. A great game to burn off energy in the basement!

Get a foam ball and play catch.

Hoola-hoop… in the basement!

Make up a dance to your favourite song.

Use household chores as a fitness class. Everyone gets a task!

Set up a ping pong table in your basement. Have ongoing family tournaments.

Start each morning with a 10-minute stretch and wake session before breakfast.

Have the kids clean out their toy closet and donate the items to charity.

Find some old clothes and play dress-up.

Borrow an aerobics video from the library and have the entire family participate.

Out of your home…

Take the family to an indoor playground.

Go bowling.

Go skating or rollerblading at in indoor arena.

Visit a museum, art gallery, or go to the Science Centre.

Go to the mall.

Go swimming at an indoor pool.

Go play indoor mini-golf.

Go to a family indoor gym. Inquire as many offer programs geared towards the entire family.

Enjoy these family fitness activities to stay in great shape. You'll work up some fun and some sweat!

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