The Story of Nelson the Giant

November 12th to 17th, 2012, is National Bullying Awareness Week. This year, the annual Bullying Awareness Week will celebrate its tenth year of raising awareness about the seriousness of bullying through education and awareness. The theme is "Stand Up! (to bullying)."

Sandy Gemmill, who created a character named Nelson the Giant, hopes to do just that, by THUMPING! out bullying with her unique story-song titled, "The Story of Nelson the Giant: A Heart as Big as his THUMP!" Nelson the Giant is the basis for a gentle approach to bullying awareness and prevention, through imagination, music, and art.

Gemmill, a children's songwriter and mother of two, created the story-song and an accompanying activity book to reach into the hearts of children to help them understand the harmful effects of prejudging and bullying, while reminding them about the importance of acceptance, respect, and friendship.

When children are introduced to Nelson the Giant, they only see a drawing of his legs. The dramatic story-song sparks imagination and inspires children to create their own complete image of the gentle giant. Individual experiences, physical attributes, and cultural backgrounds, guide children as they bridge a very special and personal connection to Nelson.

Each Nelson the Giant Friendship Guide/Activity Book features unique and practical pages that address bullying and encourage friendship. Each book also includes a 2-song CD with the lyrics, inviting children to sing along.

A Heart as Big as His THUMP! evokes emotional response, causing children to reflect and share their feelings about bullying and conflict resolution. The accompanying friendship song, Far Across the Playground, reminds children to share a smile and reach out to their peers in times of loneliness.

Gemmill also offers Nelson the Giant (NtG) Storytime to classrooms in the GTA and the surrounding areas.

For more information, please visit: For more bullying awareness resources, visit:

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