The Heart of Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline is the foundation for all of our parenting courses here at the Parent Education Network. We have seen the techniques work time and time again, parent-child relationships strengthened and families changed forever.  

In order to put Positive Discipline to work in our homes is to learn to change ourselves instead of trying to control and/or change others. Self-reflection and change is at the heart of positive discipline. Most other discipline models involve trying to control our children, whereas here, we as parents need to consider the impacts of our behaviour on the behaviour of our children. We need to decide what we will do instead of what we will try to make our children do.

Once we begin to focus on changing our behaviour, we soon realize that our actions are critical and that following through with the consequences we set for our children is very important. It is best to really think these consequences through in advance of a heated situation and also make sure everyone is aware what they are so that their actions are met with a predictable consequence.

1) Get their attention before instructing them; action is a great tool for this. Notice how much quicker you get results when you stand up or move toward your children while you are talking instead of from a sitting position.

2) Redirect: instead of focusing on the misbehaviour, suggest a positive behaviour to replace it with.

3) Quality time: try spending at least 15 minutes of quality time with each of your children every day doing something they love to do. It is very likely that upon integrating this ritual into your daily life, you will start to see the behaviour improve.

For more tips on how to integrate positive discipline into your family life, register for our workshops coming up Thursday, November 27 and Tuesday, February 3, both at Swansea Town Hall.  For more information and to register, see

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