Ergonomically Designed Kids Desks from United Canada

Designed to grow with your child, United Canada Desks offer ergonomic comfort at every age.

Model UCSA2 Shown in Blue

Designed to grow with your child, United Canada Desks offer ergonomic comfort at every age. Chairs are tailored to fit your child's unique needs and promote healthy posture and good study skills.

United Canada Inc. takes great pride in their children’s furniture. Desks are made from environmental friendly materials  such as ABS+pp plastic, MDF E1 grade wood and cold rolled steel tubular. Products are CCPSA approved (Canada Consumer Product Safety Act) and CPSIA approved (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act).

These make the perfect study desk for kids and teens, and are designed around comfort and needs. The desks and chairs are both height adjustable, from 540 mm to 760 mm, to meet the growing height of your child. Desks can be titled forward up to 40 degree for reading, writing, drawing and/or colouring. A compartment drawer is available for storing books and stationery. Two multi-functional hooks are available on both side of the desk one for schoolbag and another for cup holder. Embedded groove hold small-size stationery to reduce clutter on desk. Curved edge helps avoid accidental injuries by sharp corners.

Desks are available in pink and blue.


• Kids safety design prevents kids from hurting their hands
• Large capacity compartment drawer to store books and stationery
• Ergonomically designed
• Height adjustable desk and chair that grows with your child
• CCPSA and CPSIA approved
• Multi-functional hook for both school bag and cup holder
• Chair with ventilation for air circulation
• Wave surface designed accordingly to human buttocks to increase comfort 
• on-reflect surface help protects child’s eyes 

Specific to Model UCSA2

• Suitable for children ages from 3 to 10 
• Desktop is adjustable from 0° to 40° continuously to meet the appropriate height demand when writing, reading and drawing (USCA2)

Specific to Model UCSA3

• Suitable for children ages from 3 to 14  
• Desktop is adjustable from 0° to 60°continuously to meet the appropriate height demand when writing, reading and drawing  
• Includes a book holder to satisfy hands free book reading  
• LED lamp provides a soft light in a low light condition for an extra cost 

United Canada is currently having a sale on the following products where you can save 40% off!

Product name: UCSA2PK  -  UCSA2BL
Original Price: $264.99
Sale Price: $159.99

Product name: UCSA3PK  -  UCSA3BL      
Original Price: $329.99
Sale Price: $199.99

Visit to view product catalogue.

Model UCSA3 Shown in Pink

UCSA3 Shown in Blue

UCSA3 Shown in Blue
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