HEXBUG® nano Nitro Slingshot

Discover and experience an all new realm of fun with the HEXBUG® nano Nitro Slingshot. This multi-tiered playset unlocks a world of uncharted territories for the nano Nitro, the fastest nano ever. Create customizable playgrounds for this industrious critter to traverse, with easy snap together pieces; your imagination is the limit! The nano Nitro is a high-octane, super-speed micro robotic bug that once it’s switched on, can skitter its way through any maze.

Watch as it travels through multiple levels, climbs twisting tunnels or chases a fellow nano Nitro in a race to the top! Designed to foster children’s creativity, develop fine-motor skills, and fuel hours of amusement.

This set contains straight, curved, and spiral pieces for an immeasurable amount of personalized track combinations.

HEXBUG nano Nitro Slingshot (MSRP $69.99) is compliant with CPSIA standards. Available at Toys'R'Us, Mastermind Toys and Amazon.ca as well as HEXBUG.com.

Ages 3 and up.

For more information, visit: HEXBUG.com.

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