HEXBUG's New Tech Toys for Tots

This holiday season, collect these tech toys for tots that make great stocking stuffers. HEXBUG's new line of toddler toys have the same amazing technology you can expect from the brand and are made of durable material that will outlast the roughest drops and tumbles. Most importantly, they encourage STEM learning in children! HEXBUG's see-through designs allow children to see the parts that make up their toys and reveal how they are constructed. Small children can now have their very own scurrying HEXBUG critters with the larger-sized Cuddlebots and nano Juniors - perfect for little hands to hold!  

HEXBUG® Cuddlebots™

HEXBUG® Cuddlebots™ 
Make way for something soft and adorable! HEXBUG is expanding into the realm of innovative toddler toys with HEXBUG® Cuddlebots™. These robo-buddies are soft, durable, and completely child safe. Their squishable bodies vibrate and scurry across the floor, instigating playtime, anytime. Available in two styles Betty Bumblebee and Freddy Firefly, HEXBUG Cuddlebots are packed with character and cuteness. Perfect to collect or crawl after. 

HEXBUG Cuddlebots (CDN $11.19) are compliant with CPSIA standards. Batteries included. Available at Mastermind Toys and HEXBUG.com. Ages 18-36 months.

HEXBUG® nano® Junior™

HEXBUG® nano® Junior™
The bugs have breached the playpen gates! Now with HEXBUG® nano® Junior™ children as young as 18 months can play with a toy just like their older siblings. Due to popular demand, this redesigned macro-sized version of the HEXBUG nano was made specifically with toddlers in mind. Available in a variety of colors (pink, blue, green), these creatures feature 12 legs and rubberized bodies. Using vibration technology, HEXBUG nano Junior is ready to scurry about and delight your little one, perfect for some giggle worthy playtime. 

HEXBUG nano Junior (CDN $9.79) is compliant with CPSIA standards. Batteries included. Available at Mastermind Toys and HEXBUG.com. Ages 18-36 months.

HEXBUG® AquaBot™ Wahoo™

HEXBUG® AquaBotTM Wahoo™
Intoducing the newest school of deep sea divers with HEXBUG® AquaBotTM Wahoo™! Using the power of motorized propulsion this creature of the blue spins and whirls through its underwater surroundings with magnificent ease. Wahoo is the fastest HEXBUG AquaBot, and the perfect addition to your collection. Available in multiple colors and deco, Wahoo features a twist to turn on/off switch and a high speed propeller. Designed to get kids to think about the science behind the robot, watch as it comes to life, swimming, diving and changing directions to explore its environment.

HEXBUG AquaBot Wahoo (CDN $6.99) is compliant with CPSIA standards. Batteries included. Available at Toys R Us, Mastermind Toys and HEXBUG.com. Ages 3 years and up.

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