What to Do with Leftover Candy

Have you pigged out on Halloween candy but still have tons of leftovers? Instead of scarfing it down, get crafty with all that candy! Here are 9 fun and really resourceful things to do.

1. Freeze it

Candy can stay fresh for months it the freezer and it's conveniently there for future access whenever you need it most! Perfect for after school snacks, a road trip snack, a cup of hot chocolate in the dead of winter, or a celebratory milkshake in the spring.

2. Bake with it

Even if don't freeze it, wrapped candy has a pretty long shelf life. Search for recipes online and make goodies that can be shared with family and friends. Use candy and chocolates in cookies, bars, cheesecake, cupcakes, candy bark and more! Put on an apron, grab your mini chef, and make memories in the kitchen!

3. Make trail mix

Add pretzels, favourite nuts, dried fruit, or granola and other cereal, and provide a customized play date snack or party favour.

4. Got chocolate?

Melt mini Hershey bars or other chocolate into decadent fruit dips, cupcake frosting, or doughnut glazes.

5. Use it for learning

Hands-on learning is best and candy makes a great tool for teaching colours, numbers, fractions, and shapes. Conducting science experiments to check which candy bar melts faster or what colour Skittles dissolve quicker make for a fun activity!

6. Make a gingerbread house

Save for gingerbread house accents or other edible art projects, craft candy necklaces, or create your family’s own version of Candyland.

7. Use it in a Birthday Piñata

Have a birthday party coming up? All that candy is perfect to put in a Piñata! 

8. Make art

Melt and use coloured candy such a skittles to paint with it, or make a collage by glueing it into shapes. Make other edible art projects, craft candy necklaces, or create your family’s own version of Candyland.

9. Share it

Dropping a bag of unopened candy at a local food pantry, homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or nursing home will make givers and recipients smile. Or, share it in the office lunch room.

What other ways have you used up all your Halloween Candy? Share below via Facebook!

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