5 Poppy Crafts for Kids

If you’re looking for simple poppy crafts to make with your kids for Remembrance Day, let these 5 ideas to inspire you!

Red Poppy Craft Using a Cupcake Liner
This is a simple paper craft that you might like to do with your young child. It uses a couple of little red cupcake liners and a popsicle stick. So simple and beautiful. More

Pinwheel Poppy
Have fun creating this easy paper poppy craft with you child. It will capture their imagination! More

Painted Coffee Filter Poppy
These poppies are very easy to make, and they look so delicate and realistic. More

Bottle Cap Field of Poppies
Create red circles with recycled water bottle caps to create beautiful fields of poppies. More

Glitter Poppy
Make this beautiful big poppy this year. Give it a coat of craft glue, then sprinkle it with red glitter. More

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