Cutetitos are adorable collectible stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in burrito blankets that kids can unroll and discover!

Cutetitos Series 2

Based on the current trend of pets rolled up in blankets like burritos, Cutetitos are adorable collectible stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in burrito blankets that kids can unroll and discover! Twelve NEW characters are rolling out for Series 2, including a Dolphinito, Donkito, Koalito and Narwhalito! With new special fur and tufts of hair, Series 2 features tons of fun surprises. Each Cutetito comes with its own burrito blanket, personality “Hot Spot” (mild, medium, hot or super spicy), and Pet Collector card with the pet’s name, species and birthday. Collect all 12 – including some super rare!

MSRP $14.99. Ages 3+

Cutetitos Babitos Series 1

Continuing the trend of pets rolled up in blankets like burritos, get ready to unwrap Cutetitos Babitos, new surprise-packed Furry Baby Friends. Babitos are 3-inch plush animal characters, like a Giraffito, Owlito, Chipmunkito, and more, with hot spot personalities that come hidden in their very own burrito blanket. Each of the 12 different Babitos characters also come with an adorable gender reveal diaper – will it be a girl or a boy?! Collect all 12 Babitos.

MSRP $9.99. Ages 3+.

Available at Walmart, Toys R Us and Indigo.

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