Family Fitness this Winter!

It's the start of the Winter season, and as the cold weather creeps up, we start to take our fun activities indoors. Slowly day by day, we watch a little bit more TV, let the kids play a few more video games and before we know the whole family is glued to the couch not doing anything! Sound familiar?

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t give you and the family the excuse not to keep being active. Yes, this blog is for the entire family, not just your kids. I’ve always believed we should teach by our actions and not our words, and this holds true to fitness and proper nutrition.

Today we are going to focus on how to take our fitness outdoors this winter. So, get off the couch, bundle up that family and lets go outside and be active! Come on we are Canadians eh?

How to get active this Winter....

1. There's nothing like shoveling as a family. This is a great full body exercise for everyone. Just remember lift with the legs not the back.

2. Go on nature hikes in the park or forest. Toques and gloves on, go explore your area and let the kids search for animal footprints.

3. Being a hockey mom, I have to say it….. POND HOCKEY! Ponds not frozen yet? Don’t worry there are a ton of outdoor rinks in every neighborhood. Don't forget to follow by a cup of hot cocoa!

4. It's time to hit the slopes and learn something new, snowboarding, cross country and downhill skiing. There are all sorts of new activities you can try, so head out to the local ski slopes.

5. And, every child’s favourite… tobogganing. I can hear the cheers already .... 'woo hoo lets go faster!'

These are just a few ideas to beat the cold weather and spend quality family time together. At the end of the day, what’s better than that? So no excuses, dress warm, stay active and have fun!

Until next time, stay fit and stay healthy! Happy Holidays everyone!

About the Author: Sue Forberg is the Director at H2T Elite Dryland Training Inc. H2T is a multi-faceted state of the art dryland facility specializing in children the ages 5-16. A gym for kids you say... absolutely. Their primary goal is to enhance the quality of life for young people through exercise and proper nutrition. H2T has created a fun age appropriate dryland program that gives every child what he/she needs from a developmental standpoint. Find out more at

Photo Credit: @prostooleh
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