GameRox™ is the all new, skill and action game where the bigger your collection, the better chance you have to win! Toss and scoop GameRox™ in sequences, be the first to complete all your sequences and win!

Each GameRox™ starter pack comes with 5 collectible Cracked Series GameRox™, a reusable storage case, and instructions on how to play. Anyone can learn how to play GameRox™ in minutes, but there's hours of fun right out of the box. GameRox™ gameplay scales perfectly for beginners or advanced players so they gameplay is fun and competitive for everyone.

These Cracked Series GameRox™ are so awesome, and there are dozens of different Gamerox™ for kids to collect.

Fun for all ages 8 to 108.

MSRP: $7.99 - $29.99 

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