Magic-Languages for Babies, Kids & Youth

In our increasingly global world, parents are realizing that their kids will benefit from knowing more than one language.

Exposing children to new languages as much as possible is an excellent way to get children interested in learning about other languages and cultures. Research has shown that kids who speak another language tend to be more creative thinkers, and studies have also suggested that their brain functions may stay sharper as they age.

In our increasingly global world, parents are realizing that their kids will benefit from knowing more than one language. If you're looking for fun programs to immerse your kids in a new language, Magic-Languages are professionals in language education, offering classes in Spanish and French. This dynamic, artistic and culturally rich language class is designed for students who want to learn in a fun way, absorbing the artistic, charming and lively culture that comes with the language. Programs are made available throughout the year at after-school programs held at schools, and at daycares, across the city. Private and semi-private programs are offered to families at home. 

Magic-Languages has developed its own curriculum based on a hands-on and interactive methodology. These fully-immersive classes allow children to interact with their teachers and peers in the new language. Programs come to life through art, games, crafts and songs, so children often learn without realizing it. Qualified and motivated teachers make the classes so fun and unique, that kids are eager to learn and want to come back. Thoughtful activities and empathy create an amazing atmosphere which leads to interacting and learning the new language spontaneously.  

Small group settings help students feel confident and secure, and students are encouraged to communicate in the new language, in a natural way. Teachers are able to focus on connecting with the students and supporting them to learn at their own pace. Resources are also offered to parents, so they can continue practicing at home.

Magic-Language opens students to a new world, and a new culture, and gets them started at an early age. Find out more at

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