Pop Pop Hair Surprise

Pop Pop Hair Surprise is all about surprises that pop, hair you can wear, share, and style & all the hair-larious characters! Each Pop Pop Hair Surprise comes with 3-in-1 Pop Pets: 1 Pop Brush, 1 Pop Roller, 1 Pop Hair Pet. There are over 25 characters to collect!  

So many ways to collect!

• Collect Hair Types: There are 6 different hair types, including Curly, 2-Tone, and Rainbow Hair.
• Collect Hair Colors: There are over 25 different hair colors.

Collect Pop Pet Types:

• 8 Pop Brushes to collect
• 6 Pop Rollers to collect
• 13 Pop Hair Pets to collect

You can wear your Pop Hair Pet in your hair with the attached elastic band! And Pop Hair Pets are also pencil toppers! Brush your hair with the Pop Brush or brush your Pop Hair Pet’s hair!

MSRP: $14.99. For ages Ages: 5+.

Find out more at https://www.mgae.com/brands/pop_pop_hair_surprise.

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