Halloween Party Games & Activities

You've sent your creepy invitations; your furry spiders are hanging from your ceiling amidst the black and orange crepe paper streamers; you have the most frightful menu planned and your punch will be brewing in a witch's cauldron. Everyone will arrive in costume. It's the one event of the year that kids really look forward to. The pressure is on… How will you keep the kids entertained for 2 hours? Try these fun, easy party games and activities, and make your Halloween party a memorable one!

Decorate Your Own Halloween Cookies!

Make sugar cookies ahead of time using Halloween cookie cutters. Prepare some royal icing in various Halloween colours and put in piping bags made with small baggies, that kids can easily handle. Also have some Halloween sugar sprinkles on hand. Then, have the kids decorate their own cookies! Have enough to eat for refreshments and have each child to take one or two home to show off.

Musical Pumpkins
Same concept as musical chairs - kids sit in a circle and pass a small pumpkin around as the music plays. When the music stops, the child without a pumpkin is out. Continue until there's only one child remaining!

Halloween Photo Spot & Frame Craft Activity

Create a cool Halloween photo backdrop to have a special picture taken with each guest. Use a digital camera to print your photos right away. Organize a photo frame Halloween party craft activity where kids can decorate their own photo frames. Inexpensive plain or unfinished photo frames can be bought at a dollar store or at IKEA. Place each photo in the child's frame to take home.

Guess the Candy-Corn in the Jar

Fill a jar with candy corn (previously counted!) and decorate the jar with a Halloween theme. Have the kids guess at how many pieces are in the jar. The child with the closest number wins the jar of candy-corn.
 Alternatively, scoop dried beans into decorative Halloween pails.

Mummy Wrap
You'll need a few rolls of toilet paper. Assign guests in pairs: one to be the mummy and one to be the wrapper. The wrappers must wrap their mummy completely in toilet paper. The team that finishes their roll of toilet paper first wins. You may even have a prize for the most "creative" or "scariest" mummy.

Halloween Versions of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"

With a little creativity and some Bristol board, you can come up with many spins on this classic party game. Try: Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin, Pin the Wart on the Witch's Nose, Pin the Nose on a Jack-O-Lantern, Pin the Hat-on-the-Scarecrow, or Pin the Witch on the Broom.

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Hide a plastic pumpkin or a Halloween loot bag filled with goodies and prizes. Hide mini plastic pumpkins with clues placed inside them (you can also include mini-treats and candy in those for encouragement along the way!). Each clue will reveal the location of the hidden treasure!

Haunted Halloween Treat Box

Cut a hole in a box large enough to reach in with your hand but not to see inside. Decorate your box with a Halloween theme. In the box place lots of cold noodles, olives for eyeballs, dried apricots for ears, cut-up hot-dogs for fingers, banana peels, and any other slimy food you can find. Also place individually packaged treats in the box. Have the kids stick their hand in the box to "pick out" a treat. See their reaction as they fumble to find the candy! Yuck! 

Pumpkin Mini-Golf

Carve out a few pumpkins to set up a game of mini-golf. Create a small cardboard ramp into each pumpkin. Have the kids hit the golf ball into a pumpkin. Determine how many times each player gets to hit a golf ball. Each time the ball goes into the pumpkin, the player wins a piece of candy.

Candy Toss

Pick up some decorative Halloween bowls or cups at your dollar store. Arrange them on the floor (distance according to children's age) and have the kids toss the candy into the bowls or cups. Kids win their candy every time it lands in the bowls/cups.

Decorate your Own Treat Bag

What to do with all the candy, treats and prizes collected throughout the party? With a few plain paper lunch bags and some decorative paints, glitter, stickers - all in a Halloween theme of course - have the kids decorate their own "treat bags." With personalized treat bags, there's no worry of losing one's candy!

And last but not least…

Halloween Parade

End your party by letting the kids show off their fashionable Halloween costumes in a parade set to some favourite tunes.

Whatever games or activities you choose for your Halloween party, remember the goal is to have a ghoulishly fun time! Have enough Halloween novelty prizes and treats on hand for your games and make sure that everyone gets a chance to win!

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