A Green Halloween

This year, go green for Halloween!

Teach your kids about how adding a little ‘green’ to your Halloween can make these festivities more eco-friendly and kinder to our environment. Halloween is another opportunity to make better choices about the costumes we wear, the foods we serve and how we celebrate. Here are some tips to reduce, recycle, and reuse this Halloween!

1. Use all your pumpkin! Roast the seeds, make pie and compost your decorated pumpkin.

2. Reuse an old costume or create a costume from recyclable items or clothing. Organize a costume swap with friends or classmates, or purchase your costume from a thrift shop (after all, it’s only being used for one night!)

3. Give the kids a recycled or a new eco-friendly shopping bag this year to trick-or-treat. Pillow cases are always a great option.

4. Inedible treats or uneaten candy should be composted. Recycle as much of the packaging/paper wrappers as possible.

5. When purchasing your own treats to hand out, consider ones with the least packaging.

6. Decorate your home with reusable items or recyclable ones like newspaper, leaves, sticks, branches, cornstalks, cardboard boxes. Use Fluorescent light bulbs and LED lights.

7. Instead of buying brand-name candy, hand out fair trade and/or organic chocolates. Sound too expensive? Skip the candy and buy a reusable treat.

8. Don’t drive around following your kids trick-or-treating. It’s bad for the environment. Walk with them, and if they’re ‘too old’ for mom and dad to tag along; follow them by foot, a cool distance away.

9. Having a party? Instead of handing packaged treats to your guests, make homemade cookies, cupcakes or treats. There are great themed-recipes on the internet! Skip the paper plates, plastic cups and utensils and go for reusable dishes instead. Here’s a thought for your guests this year… Have a “create your own costume from scratch” theme party!

10. After Halloween, donate anything you won’t use again to thrift or second hand stores so someone can enjoy it next year!

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