Halloween Candy Alternatives

There's no getting around it. Halloween is the time for sugar overdoses! This year, instead of handing out sugary treats, opt for fun (and healthy) alternatives to Halloween candy.

There's no harm in letting kids relish in a sweet treat every now and then. But too much sugar can put them at risk for tooth decay, obesity, and other problems. When you think of the amount of sugar that is already added to your child's daily intake of food, and you factor in the candy at Halloween, it's clear that children are eating far more sugar than they should.

Here are a few non-candy treat suggestions that can be handed out to kids when they come trick-or-treating at your front door:

Small trinket toys, stickers, bubbles, spider rings, temporary tattoos, Halloween themed pencils and erasures, playing cards, play-dough.
These types of items can be purchased in bulk at local party supply stores, or large chain discount stores. Keep in mind that small toys should not be given out to kids that are younger than three.

Or consider small bags of these non-candy treats…

Sugar-free gum, Goldfish crackers, boxes of raisins, popcorn, cereal bars, juice boxes, packs of hot chocolate, mini water bottles, real fruit rolls, bars, or pieces.

These creative alternatives will keep Halloween healthy for everyone!

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