Leaf Peeping in Ontario

Leaf peeping is a new Fall recreational activity for people who travel to view and photograph the Fall foliage in areas where it changes colours. 

The experience of witnessing Autumn's annual ritual at its most beautiful started in New England, however there is now ‘leaf peeping’ going on all over Ontario! In fact, leaf peeping has become quite popular these days.

Starting in September, most of the northern parts of Ontario transform from simply pretty to breathtakingly beautiful as trees burst into various shades of red, orange, yellow, and gold.  

From the end of September to mid-October, all parts of Ontario offer up Fall colour, but some of Ontario's more popular Fall foliage viewing spots are Algonquin Park, the Bruce Peninsula, and the Niagara Region.

This Autumn, why not take advantage of the falling leaves in Ontario? Take a road trip with the kids and follow the wave of colour. The scenery is sure to be spectacular.

For those of you interested in taking up 'leaf peeping' visit the Ontario Parks website for an update of what the Fall foliage conditions are at Ontario Provincial Parks and the surrounding areas. You’ll find weekly updates and map information. Visit this website.

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