Avoid Overindulging at Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner! Nutrition and Halloween don't go hand in hand, but it is possible to promote healthy eating habits during the Halloween season, and prevent kids from overindulging.

Here are some tips:

- Feed your kids a satisfying, nutritious meal before they head out for trick-or-treating. They are less likely to fill up on treats while trick-or-treating.

- Give out non-food treats such as lootbag items used for children's parties: pencils, note pads, bubbles, trinkets, etc. If you have leftovers, these can easily be stored for use next year. Make sure you don't hand out choking hazards to younger children.

- Cereal bars, pretzels, cracker packs, sugar free gum, packs of instant hot chocolate, and raisins, are some healthy food alternatives.

- If you still want to hand out candy bars, get the smaller 'fun size' bars. Only give out a couple and not a handful. Also check candy bars for calories as some have less than others.

- Ration treats and stick to small servings by allowing your child one or two pieces of candy per sitting as a dessert after a healthy meal.

- Buy your Halloween candy at the last minute to avoid tempting other family members or yourself!

With a bit of moderation, Halloween can remain good, scary, delicious fun for children and adults alike!

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