Too Cool to Trick-or-Treat?

Are your kids showing signs that they may be getting too old to celebrate Halloween and trick-or-treating? Does your tween think that Halloween is only for little kids? If your tweens seem less excited about Halloween this year, there are ways to involve them in fun activities.

As kids get older, it's normal for them to react this way at Halloween, especially if they have younger siblings. If your kids are feeling like they don't want to participate in this year's festivities, here's how you can help.

Ideas to help your tweens continue celebrating Halloween...

Let your Tween go with a Group
Your tween may want to trick-or-treat without mom and dad trailing. Consider allowing him to venture out with just a group of friends. Set the rules.

Party at Home
Throw a Halloween bash! Have your child invite friends over to watch scary movies or just hang out. Your tween can plan out a freakish menu like pizza made to look like ghosts and hot dogs dressed up as mummies.

Give your Tween Responsibilities
They'll feel more grown-up if they get to pass out the candy instead of collecting it. Halloween is a creative holiday, so be sure to give your tween all the tools she or he needs to decorate, carve, and create.

Let your Tween Create a Scarefest
From plastic spiders and cotton webs to glowing hands, there's plenty of outdoor decor your tween can use. Urge your child to get creative and come up with creepy scenes using what you have laying around in your garage or basement. Allowing him to turn the front porch into a jack-o-lantern gallery, or a creepy haunted mansion may be just the project for your tween.

Hold a Halloween Family Movie Marathon
Snuggle in to watch as many Harry Potter movies as you can before everyone falls asleep, or some other scarier Halloween flicks. After all, part of the appeal of Halloween is being able to stay up later, even if it is a school night.

Some of the Halloween traditions you had with your children when they were younger may no longer capture their interest or attention. But you can always establish new traditions as your children mature. While your tweens may no longer be interested in walking the neighborhood with you for trick-or-treating, there are many activities you can enjoy together, such as baking Halloween treats, or carving pumpkins!

What fun Halloween activities have you discovered with your tween?

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