Unsweeten Your Halloween

What do you do with your child's Halloween haul? Donate, repurpose, hoard, or eat? Or, are you just about to throw out your candy from last Halloween? We all love Halloween candy, but there's no question that trick-or-treaters collect way too much of it. And while most of us are thrilled that our kids don't actually ingest it all, many children do, and the health implications of that are pretty frightening.

So this year, don't be a part of the candy craze. Instead, plan to give out small, fun, non-edible treats, like the kind of trinkets you might find in a birthday goody bag. And, yes, these things may end up sitting around as long as last year's candy, but since they don't go bad, you can always hand them out again next Halloween! Most items can be found at your local dollar store or the Halloween section of craft stores. From gummy teeth to glow-in-the-dark goo, little ghosts and goblins everywhere will be treated.

Cool things to hand out on Halloween besides candy that won't get your house egged...

For Toddlers...

• Halloween-themed temporary tattoos or stickers
• Bubbles, chalk, or small containers of Play-Doh
• Mini Halloween colouring books

For Kids...

• Small Halloween-themed toys like fang whistles, monster finger puppets, gummy teeth, etc.
• Glow-in-the-dark jewellery or glow sticks
• Halloween-themed temporary tattoos or stickers
• Halloween hair clips or accessories
• Little things of slime
• Bubbles, chalk, or small containers of Play-Doh
• Mini Halloween puzzles
• Nail art
• Halloween ink stampers
• Halloween pencils and party favours
• Spooky creature toys
• Toy jewelry - perfect for any princess
• Trading cards
• Halloween activity books

For Tweens...

• Plastic eyeballs
• Whoopee cushions or other novelty stuff
• Halloween hair clips or accessories
• Nail art
• Glow-in-the-dark jewelry or glow sticks
• Little containers of slime
• Comic books
• Halloween pencils and party favours

Or try healthier treats such as...

• Snack-sized packages of popcorn, check mix, pretzels, and dried fruit
• Cereal bars
• Goldfish crackers
• Boxes of raisins
• Juice boxes
• Packs of hot chocolate
• Mini water bottles
• Real fruit rolls, bars, or pieces

Do you have a great idea for what you'll be giving out to trick-or-treaters this year? Post it below!

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