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LEGO® Mini Figures

Looking for cool ideas for loot bags instead of dollar store trinkets that end up in the trash? Here are 10 fun and practical ideas so you don’t feel like loot bags are a waste.

1. Candy Kebabs  
Make a fun skewer for each child with mixed gummy candy from the bulk food section. Wrap in clear cellophane with a pretty bow.

2. Comic Books
These are inexpensive, popular, and it will give the kids something fun to encourage them to read.

3. Donations to Charity
Give a donation to a meaningful cause instead of loot bags and give a card to the child instead.

4. Playdough
Although playdough is inexpensive, you can make this yourself in all sorts of colours and scents with ingredients you probably already have at home. Wrap in pretty packaging.

5. Lovable Labels Party Packs
These party packs are packaged to impress with 6 multi-purpose sticker labels, 8 press n’ stick clothing dots, 1 set of shoe labels, and 1 mini metal tag! All personalized! Party Packs at $5 each. For more information, visit

6. Mini Figures
LEGO and Playmobil have little sealed toy packs you can get with different little figures inside. These are super popular with all kids! You'll find them at toy stores.

7. Chocolate Lollipops
Pick up molds from the candy making section at the bulk food store or Michael’s craft stores.

8. Re-useable Sandwich Wraps and Bags
These come in fun patterns and and will last long after the party is over. You can find them at all kitchen stores. Fill them with treats! Then kids can use them in their lunch boxes.

9. Upcycled Crayons
Have lots of broken pieces of crayons at home? Melt them down into fun, crazy shapes using molds. Wrap in cellophane. Here's a site to follow for great ideas.

10. Art and Craft Supplies
Kids all love to create so why not make up a gift bag of fun supplies; colourful glue pens, an art palette, glitter, stickers, and more!

What fun gifts have you given instead of loot bags? Share below!

Photo credit: LEGO®
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