Tips to Save Money When Throwing a Kids' Birthday Party

Need to thow a party on a budget? Your next party need not rival a wedding. It’s easy to spend a lot of money when it comes to children's birthday parties when you factor in the location, food, and party decorations. But when it comes down to it, most children are pretty happy with simple birthday celebrations. Here are 10 ideas to keep birthday party costs down without sacrificing the fun. It's not all about the fluff - it's more about the experience!

1. Host your Party at Home
Plan a fun party at home with some planned activities. Kids can enjoy hanging out with friends and playing games without being at a party location. If hosting a party at your home is not feasible, check with your local church or community centre to rent space.

2. Don't Invite too many Kids
The rule of thumb when creating your guest list is that your child can invite one guest for each year old he or she is — for example, your 6-year-old can invite six friends. This seems to be the magic number, no matter what age they may be.

3. Send Electronic Invitations
Forget paper invitations and go for an electronic invite. There are many free online services available such as or

4. Forget the Loot Bag
When you purchase your loot bags, and the stuff to fill it, it can amount to a lot. Opt for 1 small practical gift per child instead. Or, have a make and take party where kids can make something to take home.

5. Skip the Decorations
Or keep them simple. Use birthday banners and streamers that can be reused. Skip themed wall decorations that won’t ever be used again. Balloons from the dollar store will also go a long way.

6. Use Plain Paper Products
Kids really don’t need Barney plates, napkins and cups for a party. Use plain ones or get coloured ones that match the themed Purple for a Barney Party. These are also available in larger packages so you won’t have to buy multiple packs as you would with the character paper products.

7. Shop at the Dollar Store
You'll find loads of party supplies at your local Dollar Store. You can get all your paper products, balloons, and decor without breaking the bank. If you want to do goody bags, you can find better items than purchasing themed party packs.  

8. Make your own Cake
To save money, make your own cake or make smaller cupcakes. There are so many ideas and easy recipes on the internet that will be a hit at any birthday party. You can even go the easy route with a boxed mix and canned frosting – you’ll only spend a few dollars for the cake.

9. Host the Party in Between Meal Times
Plan to host your party for the early afternoon after the lunch hour. You would finish up before dinner and not have to pay for a meal. Even if you provide a few snacks, you’ll save money on food.

10. Get a Pizza Deal
If you are planning to have a meal at your party, pizza is a common choice for a kid’s birthday. Most large pizza chains offer deals when you purchase more than 1 pizza or offer party sizes at a lower price.

Have any other money-saving tips when it comes to Birthday Parties? Share below!

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