Blinger™ just launched a brand new styling tool in Canada and it’s every bit glamorous!

Blinger™ just launched a brand new styling tool in Canada and it’s every bit glamorous! This product is the perfect way to add a much-needed sparkle to your everyday life and is sure to wow the fashionistas that are always in search of the newest must-have accessory. To use you simply load, click and bling to create your very own personalized look - possibilities are endless as you can use in your hair, fashions and accessories. It’s totally safe and easy to use!

Gems will stay in hair all day until you decide to comb them out or peel them off! The adhesive works with all hair types and sticks to most materials. This glam tool allows for maximum creative expression as the looks don’t stop at just the hair. Blinger™ encourages users to customize just about everything from hair to clothes, to pencil cases, backpacks, phone cases and footwear. A one-stop shop for a complete head to toe glamover! The Blinger™ possibilities are endless and is sure to wow at the next slumber party, sleepover or birthday celebration.

Available at Walmart, Costco and Toys 'R' Us (SRP - $29.99)

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