Pictionary Air

The latest innovation to the family favourite requires no pad or paper!

It’s fun when you get it, it’s more fun when you don’t. Introducing Pictionary Air, the newest Pictionary experience that is just as much fun as it is innovative, mixing physical play with a digital experience for the whole family. Players sketch in the air with an air pen as teams see the sketch appear on a smartphone or tablet with the Pictionary Air app to guess the clue.

The latest innovation to the family favourite requires no pad or paper, instead utilizes augmented reality technology that allows players to sketch freely in the air and then interact with their sketches they cannot see, like charades.

Pictionary Air is for anyone who loves social game play, whether you can or cannot draw, are old or young, in a large or small group, this game is a hysterical new way to play the classic drawing game.

Age: 8+
MSRP: $24.99

Retail Availability: All major retailers.

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