A Smooth Transition Back to School!

It’s almost back to school. Here’s a list of things to do before heading back to make sure the return is effortless!

Don’t wait until the last minute for school supplies shopping. Take advantage of the selection and sales well in advance. Check your school bag from last year in case there are things you can reuse! Make school shopping fun. Allow your child to choose some of his/her own clothing for school by offering choices of clothing that you can afford and live with. Pick up a few special supplies with their favourite characters… this will get them excited about going back to school.

Get a proper backpack with wide, padded shoulder straps, and a padded back. Don’t forget the lunchbox.

Start going through your kids’ fall clothing now to determine what you will need to purchase (and make a list!). Purge and donate items that no longer fit. Don’t forget to get a comfortable pair of shoes for gym and indoor shoes.

Start the transition slowly. Have your child start going to sleep a little earlier each day, a week before school and before you know, they'll be used to getting up early again. Ensure that children are getting their 9 to 11 hours of sleep per night.

Prepare breakfast the night before. Have them put their "order" in the night before so you can have breakfast ready when they get up. Remind your child of the importance of breakfast – a hungry child is not a child capable of learning!

Prepare everything the night before by packing school bags, picking clothes, and setting the table. Keep a central spot in your house, a school “headquarters” if you will so that everything remains in the same area.

Sign up your kids early for after-school activities and post a calendar of all activities, so everyone is aware of the family’s schedule. Do not over-book your kids and make sure they have “down” time.

Do go to the Open House or Curriculum Night to meet your child's teacher. It's important to have open communication with the teacher and to understand your school/teacher’s expectations for the year.

Plan the lunches together. Keep your child's lunch box healthy but “interesting and fun” to encourage them to eat. Check their lunch box regularly to see what gets eaten or left behind. If children are involved in making their lunches, they will likely make more of an effort to eat it. Use our daily lunch planner to help out!

Remember that your attitude toward school goes a long way toward influencing your child's attitude. Be involved. Be positive. Be active. Show your child that you are excited about his/her school year. Chances are your child will get excited, too!

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