Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great outdoor family activity, which allows kids to discover and learn - especially on a hike! Make a list of items that would most likely be found in the area you are hiking in.

Below are a few suggestions. You'll need to select the items that are age appropriate and that are available in your area. Be creative. This activity is a lot of fun for everyone. During your scavenger hunt, set boundaries and make sure the kids hunt with a buddy or a group. Do not destroy any property and when the hunt is over, make sure there are no signs that it took place. Return all materials to where you found them or dispose of them properly (dry leaves, twigs, etc.)

Scavenger hunts will help sharpen a child’s skills in understanding multiple commands and encourages participation. It can also teach them the important lesson of appreciating nature. Happy hunting!

Here is a list of items that you can include:

__Dead tree
__Pine cone
__Blade of grass
__Clover leaf
__Pine tree
__Seeds or seed pod
__Smooth/shiny rock
__Grain of sand
__Y-shaped twig
__Pine needles
__Acorn or other nuts
__Tree with blossoms
__Hole in a tree
__Dark or light green leaf
__Small pebble
__Unusual shaped leaf
__Rocks with many colors
__Different shades of green or brown
__Dew on a flower or leaf
__Fungus on a tree
__Signs that next season is coming
__Animal tracks
__Spider web
__Birds nest
__Deer tracks
__Animal hole in the ground
__Leaf with insect holes
__Evidence of the presence of animals
__Evidence of the presence of people
__Different coloured leaves

For younger kids, consider:

__Blade of grass
__Pebble smaller than a pea
__Pinch of dust
__4 different coloured leaves
__Someone or something's food
__Something prickly
__Something smooth
__Something that feels nice
__Something that comes from a tree

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