Hello Kitty Meets Uglydoll

Hello Kitty as OX and Trunko

Sanrio and Uglydoll team up to present an adorable new collection of Hello Kitty dressed as your favourite characters.

Remember the Uglydoll? The world fell in in love with these 'cute' ugly plush toys launched back in January 2001. In "Uglyverse," ugly means unique and special, and that we should celebrate what makes us different, never hiding the twists or turns which make us who we are, inside and out.

Uglydoll has joined forces with Sanrio to bring you to a new universe, where ugly celebrates 'who you are inside is the new beautiful!' As Hello Kitty always says “you can never have too many friends!” and this time she’s off on adventures with her cuddly new Uglydoll pals.

These LIMITED EDITION 7 inch plushes are made by Gund and feature extra soft material, embroidered detailing, and a 3D velour plush style bow.

Price: $20.00 USD. 4 toys are available: Ox, Tunko, Ice-Bat, and Wage.

For more information, visit: www.sanrio.com.

UglyDoll Plushes

Hello Kitty as Ice-Bat

Hello Kitty as Wage

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