Ontario Science Centre's KidSpark

You might not think about visiting a Science Centre until your kids are out of kindergarten. After all, what's there to do with toddlers who only know how to test the laws of gravity by dropping their sippy cup? Packed with family-friendly experiments and plenty of stuff to touch, KidSpark at the Ontario Science Centre caters precisely to the younger crowd.

KidSpark is a learn-through-play space that offer so many interactive exhibits for kids eight and under and their caregivers. The quality of the exhibits is unmatched. Among many things, kids can make bubbles big enough to hold their parents, build their own roller coaster, or rock out in a music studio.

The Water Play Area

In the Waterplay area, kids can dive into the fun and science of water.

No matter what kind of science interests your kids, themes at KidSpark has it covered. Our favourite is the Waterplay area where kids can dive into the fun and science of water by experimenting with a moveable dam, waterwheels, an Archimedes screw, and bubble makers. Of course, half the fun is getting wet!

The Market

Shopping for lobster at the market.

And, one of the biggest wow’s for kids at KidSpark has to be the Market. Shopping at this miniature market develops sorting, counting, ordering, and grouping skills. At 18-24 months, toddlers can learn concepts such as size, shape, and weight. Comes complete with play food, shopping buggies, and cash registers.

The toddler area with the 'build your own roller coaster' in the background.

Build-A-House allows kids to join the construction crew.

The pin wall where kids can make impressions.

There are plenty of things for kids to try out for themselves. In the toddler area, kids can have fun exploring shapes, sounds, and textures. This space, designed for the youngest of KidSpark visitors, promotes active play and develops motor skills. Build-A-House allows kids to join the construction crew and discover how planning, sharing and teamwork can make things grow faster! The Pin Wall makes a huge impression with a body-sized pin wall. Kids can create patterns and shapes by pushing and pulling the pegs.

Join the KidSpark hosts monthly for some more on-the-spot learning! Each month, special activities are presented. There is Storytime where you can enter a world of wonder and imagination with favourite stories. Kids Draw Science activities allow kids to explore their visions of science. You could even draw yourself playing in your favourite part of KidSpark. Science On The Go gets your brain in motion! These monthly activities offer exciting fun such as cool art and science projects. For a list of monthly programming, click here.

KidSpark is located on Level 4. All activities are free with Ontario Science Centre admission and are based on a first-come, first-served basis. All KidSpark activities are for children 8 years of age and younger with their caregivers.

For more information and to take a tour, visit: www.ontariosciencecentre.ca.

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