Lovable Labels Baby Labels

We're loving the Lovable Labels 'Baby Labels.' These adorable labels are perfect to use for labelling everything baby: homemade baby foods, baby bottles, food containers, etc. What's even greater about these labels is that they are made to be written on over and over again! And, they're completely safe to use in the fridge, freezer, microwave, or dishwasher. Each order comes with a special write-on and wipe-off pencil.

If you weren't already aware, infant feeding by-laws in licensed child care centers require that all formula or food be labelled with the child's name and date of preparation. If breast milk is provided by the parent or guardian, it must be labelled with the child's name, date expressed, and the date of receipt.

Colours: Available in 1 design

Quantity: 30 labels per pack (10 Large, 10 Medium, and 10 Small)

Features: Safe for dishwasher, microwave, fridge, and freezer! 3 different sizes in each pack. Peel & Stick.

Large: 6.98 cm x 3.47 cm (2.75" x 1.37")
Medium: 6.73 cm x 2.59 cm (2.65" x 1.02")
Small: 3.93 cm x 3.47 cm (1.55" x 1.37")

Price: $19.95

For more information and to order, visit: www.lovablelables.ca.

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