Q & A with the Wiggles

The Wiggles have been entertaining children around the globe for 23 years with their infectious songs, TV shows, and live performances. The fab four is made up of original band member blue Wiggle Anthony and new members Simon (Red), Emma (Yellow), and Lachy (Purple). The Wiggles will be perfoming live in Toronto this September and we caught up with this fun and energetic group to ask them questions submitted by our readers! Here's what they had to say...

Lachy – Purple Wiggle

What is your favourite song to perform?

“My favourite song to perform would have to be Rock a Bye a Bear! We usually start the show with it and its a wonderfully written song! It gets the children and parents moving and singing straight away and gives us a chance to look out and interact with the audience straight away!”

What’s your favourite song to dance to?

“My favourite song to dance to is Captain's Magic Buttons! It's so fun and Captain Feathersword is incredibly funny and always changes what he does everyday! :) “

Simon – Red Wiggle

What's the best thing about being a Wiggle?

“The best thing about being a Wiggle is getting the chance to perform and meet families all over the world. There is no better feeling when performing than seeing all the children and grown-ups smiling, singing, and dancing.”

What do you do when you're not wiggling (aka performing/working)?

“As we spend around 9 months of the year on tour and away from home. I love to just relax at home. I live near the beach so I spend a lot of time swimming, surfing, exercising, and going for runs along the coast. I love catching up with friends and family and getting out and playing a game of golf.”

Emma - Yellow Wiggle

​Have you considered changing colours for any of the 4 Wiggles?

“Actually I think our colours suit us the best! My primary school uniform was yellow, I was in the yellow sports house in both primary and high school, and had to wear the yellow ribbon in my ballet exams so I feel that I naturally suit yellow and have been wearing it through my whole life. Lachy, the new purple Wiggle, is very relaxed like Jeff and he also plays piano so he suits purple very well. And Simon has an amazing operatic voice and is very tall so he fits Murray's shirt perfectly!”

What do you love most about touring?

“I love meeting children all around the world! Its amazing to think I get to travel and perform. Its always different everyday, one, two, or three shows, interviews, tvs, radio, who knows but I love it. The one that that is really special to all of us actually is visiting the children's hospitals around the world. We meet so many children and their families and the hospitals and its really nice to sing with them for the day to take their mind off their procedures or appointments.”

Most memorable fan interaction?

“When we first started at the beginning of the year as proper Wiggles (because last year we were Wiggles in training) I didn't know what to expect and we ran out on stage and a little girl with a yellow bow in her hair, right down the front, just yelled "EMMA!!!" at the top of her voice! It was adorable, and I couldn't believe she knew my name and that's when it hit me that children were going to learn our names and look up to us as role models. I feel honoured to be a role model for girls and boys and essentially we are all role models, entertaining and educating children all around the world.”

Anthony – Blue Wiggle

​Do you write your own music and lyrics?

“Well some songs I write by myself, other times ,Lachy, Simon, or Emma might help write the song. The Wiggles have always helped each other write songs!”

How did you come up with the name Wiggles?

“Well, it was either Greg, Murray, or Jeff who came up with the name, it was 23 years ago, but it is a fun name isn't it!”

Do you plan on staying around for many more years?

“Oh yes, we love wiggling around the world, singing/dancing and eating fruit salad!”

And we hope they stick around for many more years too! :)

The Wiggles perfrom at at Ricoh Coliseum Friday, September 27 at 6:30 pm and Saturday, September 28 at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm. For ticket information, CLICK HERE.

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