Developing Pre-Reading Skills through Playing with Language

The experiences children have with language before kindergarten can strengthen their abilities to learn to read and write in later years. Playing with sounds the of words, learning about letters, and developing a love of language promote reading readiness and put kids on the path to success in school.

Love Your Letters

Alpha-Mania is a pre-reading program that engages kids aged 3-5 in language activities and games that promote reading readiness skills as well as a love of letters. Themes like ‘Pirates’, ‘Dr. Suess’, or ‘Detectives’ inspire games, activities, and crafts that teach letters of the day and important word play skills such as rhyming and alliteration.

Programs Offered

Alpha-Mania is currently offered as part of the programming of Kids and Co. child care centres across Canada and at Children’s Garden Nursery School in Toronto. It was developed at Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space in Toronto and is currently offered at their centre during summer, winter, and March breaks as part of the Lively Little Learners day camp. For more information, visit or call 416.925.1225.

Why Alpha-Mania?

Language should be fun, and developing a love of books and letters at a young age will set your child up for improved reading and writing confidence in future years. Alpha-Mania was developed to foster a love of language and letters, but also to instill phonological awareness skills by teaching children to hear and play with the sounds within words. Research shows strong phonological awareness to be the best predictor of future reading and spelling success.

The program is taught by certified and experienced teachers whose love of literacy spills into the games, songs, and activities of the engaging lessons. Allow your child to experience the joy of language today!

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