CATS Drama Fall Programs

If your child was born with the acting bug or has dreams of acting on the big screen, sign them up for drama classes at Children's Arts Theatre School (CATS). Kids who've got a taste of the theatre can be creative in a welcoming, fun, and professional environment that also promotes imagination and personal growth.​

CATS is Toronto’s leader in professional theatre training for children ages three to fifteen. Since 1994, the award-winning school has been instrumental in developing passionate and disciplined young artists. With a thorough curriculum led by a team of professional artist-educators, CATS allows kids to develop self-confidence, self-expression, teamwork and interpersonal skills.

CATS programs offer a long list of benefits for kids. Not only do they develop personal skills such as improving confidence, listening, concentration, physical fitness and more, but drama training also helps kids develop team-work, while encouraging group trust and co-operation. Most of all, kids have fun!

This Fall, CATS is offering the following programs, all of which culminate in a final performance.

Junior After School & Weekend Program (3-6 years)
The focus of the Junior Program is to encourage cooperation and group awareness. Artist-educators introduce a variety of theatre games that use physical movement to create a positive group energy, trust, and sensitivity towards peers. 

Intermediate After School & Weekend Program (7-11 years)
The intermediate Program is designed to introduce actors to specific techniques in order to develop their mind, voice and body for a confident and honest performance. Improvisation and scripted scene study provide fluency in acting fundamentals like conflict, action and given circumstances. As collaboration is essential to the creation of theatre, students will develop the social skills required to find creative solutions as a member of a team, to confidently give voice to original ideas, and grow respect towards the ideas of their peers.  

Advanced After School & Weekend Program (12-15 years)
The Advanced Program builds on the fundamentals taught in the Intermediate Program to become bold and daring actors. Improvisation plays a strong role in the Advanced Program, allowing actors to follow their instincts and impulses. Character work is introduced, as well as drawing on the life experiences of the actor to share an honest and organic performance.

CATS programming ensures success not only in the performing arts, but a growth that is pivotal for the success of the young adults of tomorrow.

Classes are offered at 5 convenient locations in Toronto: Willowdale, Danforth, High Park, Downtown, and Yonge & Lawrence. Regsitrations are now being accepted for the fall. You can also sign up for a free trial class. For more information, visit:

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