Snider School Of Music’s $5 Intro Ukelele Classes

Snider School of Music located in the heart of North Toronto, teaches music, Rock Band, Ukulele and more in private and group lessons. And with the recent introduction of a ukulele class to their programs, the instrument has been growing in popularity! Ukulele is an easy, portable, inexpensive, and unique instrument known for its “island” sound. You can’t help but smile when you hear the soothing sound of a ukulele.  

Snider School of Music is currently offering a $5 drop-in Ukulele class, geared towards beginners. Whether you have experience playing an instrument or have never picked up a Ukulele, everyone will be playing a song at the end of this one hour introduction class. Teacher, Glen Richardson is a registered TDSB instructor and has been teaching music to students of all ages for over 15 years. He has the unique ability to breakdown the intricacies of learning a new instrument and always stresses the fun in music.

Throughout the hour, students will learn the basics of the Ukulele (tuning, parts of the uke, & how to hold the ukulele properly.) Glen will introduce a few basic chords and a basic strumming pattern. With these two elements, everyone will be playing a song by the end of the intro lesson and have a better understanding of rhythm, melody and a greater appreciation of music as a whole. Students are also provided with a take home chord chart and list of songs to play using the two or three chords introduced in the first lesson.  

A sample of past easy songs and melodies from their in-school lessons include: Iron Man, Eye of the Tiger, James Bond Theme, Bat Man, Smoke on the Water, Eleanor Rigby, Yellow Submarine and many more.

Click here to get the schedule of $5 classes. Visit for more information.

About: Snider School of Music has evolved from its inception in 1949 when Dave Snider opened his first music studio near Bathurst & Bloor. Today, they are proud to teach over 750 students a week and take pride in our dynamic and diverse teaching staff. There is no registration fee for new students, and all levels and ages are welcome. Lesson offered in Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo & Uke, Vocal training, Brass & Woodwind, Drums and more.

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