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Sesaya is a family-run, home-based music studio that has served the North York community since 2004. "Home-based" is a big part of the smaller, homier vibe and the family feel of the studio. Parents refer to themselves as "the Sesaya family", thanks to the intimate atmosphere and the way all the students interact and get to know one another. The school offers lessons for all ages in singing, piano, guitar, violin and cello, at all skill levels. Sesaya also offers early childhood music and movement classes that are fully interactive, age and developmentally appropriate, based on child development theories and the Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze pedagogies.

Sesaya has created a community through learning and making music. The school has carved out a unique niche through a customized approach to instruction: they teach rudiments, skills and technique through a student-centred curriculum, and through it, foster musicianship and collaboration. 

Music classes are offered in ways that support individual learning preferences: private lessons, paired/semi-private lessons or small-groups. All are taught by dynamic and qualified teachers, and are student-centred to promote learning and enjoyment. The focus and the pace are adapted to the student to ensure the right mix of motivation, stretch and success.  

Students' goals are at the heart of the curriculum. If they want to learn for enjoyment, this is planned accordingly and the school will work with them to find pieces that they're excited to learn (whether it's the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean on piano, Rush's "Limelight" on guitar, "Defying Gravity" as a vocal piece, or "B Rosette" on strings.) If students want to audition for a performance or admission to an arts school, Sesaya also offers coaching to help build confidence and to review all the requirements – with a very high success rate.

In addition to acquiring skills, Sesaya students develop musicianship and a love of musical collaboration that is evident to all at the annual concerts hosted and performed by students to showcase and celebrate their learning. You'll see students from age 8 to 17 performing solo and in various combinations (including piano-vocal duos, strings & piano, full rock band), and enjoying the process of making music together with polish and panache. These concerts have become an anticipated event in the North York community, complete with professional playbills, photography and videography. 

Sesaya is grateful for its dedicated and committed parent committee, many of whom have had their children enrolled in Sesaya programs since the studio began in 2004. At Sesaya, parents can provide their children a personalized starting point for exploring music, and watch them identify and deepen interests and build skills. Students have wonderful experiences – and luminous successes – along the way.  

Students may register throughout the music season, with pro-rated tuition. Referrals from parents are the highest compliment the school can receive, and Sesaya offers a discount for each student that registers, as a way of saying thank you.

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