National Baby Safety Month with Dreambaby

September is National Baby Safety Month, and while safety is very much top-of-mind for parents year-round, this month provides an opportunity to shed light on the importance of keeping little ones out of reach of any risk of danger or injury in your very own home. Dreambaby, a child safety brand, features a wide range of affordable and high-quality safety solutions for infants and toddlers.

Dreambaby® Boston Security Gate

Pressure mounted Boston Magnetic Auto-Close Security Gates are made from durable metal, with an Auto-Close feature that allows it to close from any angle at all, even if the door is only slightly ajar.

• Magnetically auto-closes from any distance
• EZY-Check lock indicator
• Smart Stay-Open feature
• Optional one-way stopper for stair use
• Swings in both directions

CAD $89.99 (White) | Available at, and

Dreambaby® Paintable CoverPlugs

Dreambaby® Paintable CoverPlugs prevent children from inserting their fingers or other objects into electrical outlets. They’re universal, easy to install, and fully paintable. Covering the whole outlet, they have a plain white surface that suits most decors and doesn’t draw attention.

• Paintable face
• Patented design
• High quality

CAD $5.99 | Available at,

Dreambaby® Sliding Locks

Dreambaby® Sliding Locks are the fastest and most secure way to lock cupboard and cabinet doors and keep small children safe from what’s inside. They are suitable for D-shaped handles and require no installation. Simply push down and slide the lock tight against the handles.

• Made from hard-wearing plastic
• Easy to move from one room to another if needed
• Keeps toxins and other dangerous object out of reach

CAD $8.99 (3 pk) | Available at,

Dreambaby® Safety Catches

Dreambaby® Safety Catches are strong, ,easy to install and provide quick access for adults while making it almost impossible for children to get into cupboards and drawers that may contain harmful objects.

• Suitable for top drawers and may be used on lower drawers where there is a top drawer divider to which they may be fitted
• Sleep, subtle design means they are hidden from view

CAD $6.99 (12 pk) | Available at,

Dreambaby® Ezy-fit Door Knob Covers

Dreambaby® Door Knob Covers are easy for adults to grip, squeeze and turn but too difficult for small children to operate.

• They snap easily onto most standard door knobs
• No tools required
• Easy to install, reuse and move around from room to room
• For added safety on door knobs, with push-locking buttons, simply close lid over button to prevent door being accidentally locked

CAD $6.99 | Available at,

Dreambaby® Flat Screen TV Saver

Dreambaby® Flat Screen TV Savers prevent potentially serious accidents by anchoring the television to the wall or furniture with adjustable, heavy-duty straps. Dreambaby® Flat Screen TV Savers were specifically designed to help prevent injuries that can occur when curious toddlers accidentally push over a heavy television.

• Easy installation
• Screws into holes already in back of TV set
• Attach to wall or entertainment center
• Simply check the straps occasionally to ensure they are still taut
• Much less expensive than a wall mounting kit and a necessity for those unable to wall mount their TV

CAD $12.99 | Available at,

Dreambaby® Furniture Straps

Every modern home is bound to have some heavy furniture or appliances around the household which can cause serious injury if knocked over. Dreambaby® Furniture Straps were specifically designed to help prevent injuries that can occur when curious toddlers accidentally push or pull over heavy pieces of furniture.

• Helps prevent furniture from toppling over on to playful children
• Easily screw installation
• Simply check the straps occasionally to ensure they are still taut
• Minimum of two straps required per piece of furniture. Heavier objects may require three or four straps

CAD $8.99 | Available at,

Dreambaby® Furniture Anchor

Dreambaby’s ® Furniture Anchors were specifically designed to help prevent injuries which occur when curious toddlers start pushing and pulling on furniture. Using just a few screws in the solid parts of the furniture and the solid parts of the masonry, stud, or beam the anchors conveniently secure furniture in an upright position.

• Dreambaby’s ® affordable and easy-to-install anchors keep furniture from falling and tipping over, preventing the terrible injuries that these accidents can cause as well
• Perfect for bookcases, tallboys, dressers, display cabinets, end tables, side tables, and more, these versatile anchors are ideal for almost any room
and configuration

CAD $14.99 | Available at

For more information, visit: This year, Dreambaby is celebrating 20 years in Safety! Follow them on:
Instagram: @dreambabysafety
Twitter: @DreamBabySafety
Facebook: @Dreambabysafety

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