Goo Goo Galaxy​ Goo Drops

Say hello to the most adorable little space travelers to ever land on Earth! From the far away ​Goo Goo Galaxy, come ​the Goo Drops​. They have crash-landed on Earth and are looking for a new home. ​The Goo Drops' squishy, jiggly bellies are filled with some of their home galaxy – just give them a squeeze to see their sparkling, glittery galaxy move about inside them!

Unbox their ​Goo Pod ​to discover what they have brought with them from space – a ​DIY Galactic Slime Activity! The Goo-to-Go is an out of this world D.I.Y activity that you can mix, make and display! What color will it become and what does it mean?

There are 4 super cute ​Goo Drops ​to discover, all with different glittery, squishy bellies and personalities! Find their passport inside their​ Goo Pod  and learn more about them and the amazing galaxy they have traveled from. You'll discover - it's what's inside that counts!

MRSP:​ $19.99

Availability:​ Toys R Us and Walmart Canada 

For ages:​ 5+.

Find out more at

Facebook: Little Live-Canada
Instagram: @RedPlanetGroup

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