Spring Word Search Puzzles for Kids

World puzzle searches offer so many benefits, yet are simple and fun to solve. They allow kids to explore new worlds of knowledge, improve spelling, improve concentration, and enhance visual acuity. It's the perfect quiet time activity!

Here are Spring-themed word puzzle searches for kids by level...

Easy Level
These puzzles have 15 words or less and are perfect for children in grades 1-3.

Super Easy Spring Word Search - DLTK: 6 words

Springtime Word Search - Club Chica Circle: 6 words

Easy All About Spring Word Search - Busy Bee Kids: 7 words

Beginner Spring Word Search - Squigley's Playhouse: 10 words

Spring Word Search Puzzle - Free Kids Crafts: 10 words

Flower Pot Spring Word Search - DLTK: 12 words

March Word Search - Free Kids Crafts: 12 words

Fun With Spring Word Search - Teachers Pay Teachers: 13 words

Bring On Spring Word Search Puzzle - Printables for Kids: 15 words

Spring Word Search Worksheet - Teachers Pay Teachers: 15 words

Medium Level
These medium level Spring word search puzzles have 16 to 30 hidden words. Ideal for kids in grades 4-5.

Color Spring Word Search - DLTK: 18 words

Medium Spring Word Search - The Potters: 18 words

April Word Search Puzzle - Print Activities: 20 words

May Word Search Puzzle - Print Activities: 20 words

Gardening Tools Word Search - Print Activities: 20 words

Spring Cleaning Word Search - Cyber Crayon: 30 words

Challenging Level
These Spring word search puzzles are more diffcult with 31 or more words to find. Ideal for grades 6 and up, and adults.

Tough Spring Word Search - 3bp Blog Spot: 33 words

Spring Word Search - Teachers Pay Teachers: 35 words

Spring Challenge - The Holiday Zone: 80 words

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