Summer Safety Checklist to Keep Your Family Safe

It's summertime and while there's a dangerous virus lurking, summer outdoor play can also spell trouble and lead to increased injuries. Summer is a time for fun, and this safety checklist of simple tips can ensure that kids stay safe while playing outside. Parents should be extra vigilant to keep children protected and healthy. 

Summertime Food Safety
Food borne illnesses and food poisoning increase in the Summer months. Make sure food is properly packed and chilled for picnics. Cook meat thoroughly at barbecues. Don't let food stay out in the heat.

Prevent Tick Bites
Wear light-coloured clothing and tuck pants into socks or boots. Stay on clear trails and do not walk through tall grass. Check clothes and scalp for ticks after leaving areas prone to ticks.

Ride Safe
Make sure kids always wear a helmet and stay on cycling paths. Stay away from traffic areas. Supervise your kids at all times.

Swim Safe
Children under five have the highest risk of drowning. Make sure they wear a lifejacket or approved swim safety devices. Never leave a child alone in or around water. Make sure your kids learn how to swim and teach them about water safety.

Play Safe
Most children are hurt on playgrounds when they fall. Use playgrounds with a deep, soft surface and keep children under five on equipment that is no more than 1.5 metres high. Supervise your kids at all times. Note: Park playgrounds are currently closed, but adhere to these safety measures when they reopen.

Prevent Sunburn
Most children will be exposed to 50% and 80% of their lifetime sun exposure before age 18, so it's important to teach your children how to enjoy fun in the sun safely. Make sure they wear a sunscreen and wear UV protective clothing (swimwear, hats, t-shirts, etc.)

Eye Safety
This Summer, don't forget sunglasses to protect your children's eyes. The same harmful rays that damage skin can damage their eyes.

Stay Hydrated
Always keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Summer Heat
Children should never be left in the car alone, even for very short periods of time. 

Fireworks Safety
Children should not play with fireworks under any circumstances. Light fireworks outdoors in a clear area away from houses, dry leaves or grass, and other flammable materials. Keep a bucket of water nearby for emergencies and for pouring on fireworks that don't go off. Do not try to relight or handle malfunctioning fireworks. Douse and soak them with water and throw them away. Be sure other people are out of range before lighting fireworks.

Summer Safety During Covid-19
Continue practicing ongoing recommendations by health officials — washing hands, carrying hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes when handwashing is not possible. Keep physical distancing when in public spaces and wear a mask when distancing is not possible or practical.

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