The Best Life Skills you can Teach your Kids from Home

As families are confined indoors for the foreseeable future, why not make the most of this time to coach your kids to fend for themselves (well almost.) Here are some helpful life skills you can teach them —  listed by age. You'll welcome the extra help around the house and in the kitchen!

Life Skills for Toddlers

• Take that diaper off to try potty training.
• Teach your toddler how to wash their hands for 20 seconds.
• Teach basic sorting and how to put away toys in a basket.
• How to start getting dressed on their own.
• Basic manners — please and thank you.
• Initiation to brushing teeth.

Life Skills for Preschoolers

• Teach small laundry chores such as having your tot 'match the socks.'
• At age 5, kids should be able to tie their shoe laces.
• Teach them how to put away all their books and toys.
• Work on learning how to snap, zip, or button jackets.
• Let them wash their own face.
• While you may have started earlier, this is the age where kids learn how to brush their teeth the proper way.
• Take the time to teach them your phone number and address.
• Show them how to dial 9-1-1 after discussing what is an emergency and when to use it.

Life Skills for Elementary School Kids

• Teach how to use a feather duster and other basic cleaning such as sweeping and vacuuming.
• How to set the table and clearing it when dinner is over.
• Teach them how to separate the clothes by colour to help you with laundry.
• Teach them how to make a simple sandwich for their lunch.
• Teach them how to take the trash out.
• Teach them basic sewing skills.
• Empty the piggy bank and roll coins to put in the bank, and teach them how to make change.
• Even though we live in a digital world, teach them how to tell time with an analog clock.
• Teach them basic first-aid skills.
• Teach them the basics of cooking by starting with no-bake desserts, prepping foods, gathering ingredients. reading a recipe.
• Show them how to make their bed.
• Teach them all about recycling, and how to sort paper, plastics, glass, etc.
• Teach them how to reduce waste and about conservation skills.
• After the laundry is washed and folded, let the kids put it away.
​• Teach them how to write in cursive by downloading some worksheets.
​• Teach them keyboarding skills.
​• Teach them how to do a ponytail or simple braid.
​• Teach them basic yard work: rake leaves, plant flowers, and pull weeds.

Life Skills for Tweens

• Look at a map and teach them how to read it — without the help of Google.
• Show them how to clean the bathroom, toilets and all.
• Let them load the dishwasher after dinner and teach them how to run it.
• Teach them how to load and use the laundry machine and dryer.
• Teach them basic kitchen skills and how to use the stove: scrambled eggs or a grilled cheese are a good start.
• Teach them how to bake.
• Teach them penmanship by writing a letter to friends or family, then show them how to add a stamp and mail it.
• Show them how to wrap a gift.
• Teach them time management skills, like creating a calendar or daily schedule and how to stick to it.
• Teach basic knife skills in the kitchen and cutting soft fruits.

Life Skills for Teens

• Teach your son how to tie a tie or have them watch it YouTube.
• Teens should be able to sort, wash, and fold the laundry.
• Let them cook a full meal and clean up when they're done.
• Show them how to clean/purge the fridge.
• Teach them how to properly iron out wrinkles.
• Teach some basic car maintenance skills, like how to check the oil and change a tire.
• Show them how to plunge a clogged toilet.
• Teach them how to keep track of important papers.
• School them on how to write a professional email or letter.
• Help them put together their first résumé.
• Power up the lawnmower and let your teen tackle this chore.

Of course, it goes without saying that these are just suggestions, and since kids all learn and adapt differently, make the necessary adjustments according to your child. You can also create your own list of things you've always wanted to teach your child!

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