The Cutest Burger Recipes Just for Kids

Happy National Burger Day! Celebrated on May 28th, National Burger Day is a day of appreciation for hamburgers. Celebrate by sinking your teeth into these fun burgers just for kids!

Super Hero Burgers
Have fun making these Superman Burgers! So easy to make and your little Superman fans will love them! Get recipe from foodiggity.

Mini Cheeseburgers
Kids will love these itty bitty burgers! Get recipe from Pizzazerie.

Football Burgers
Use this Football Shaped Burger Recipe and create a masterpiece that will definitely score big with everyone who eats one. Get recipe from Hungry Happenings.

Jack O'lantern Cheeseburgers
While these burgers are intended to celebrate Halloween, think of the endless possibilities... Create new shapes with cheese slices to invent your own fun burger! Get recipe from Say Please.

Frog Burgers
This is a fun and delicious meal hack that the kids will love and is the perfect way to add veggies and salad to a tasty burger treat. Get recipe from The Inspiration Edit.

Crab Burger
Who could be crabby with a sandwich like this on their plate? Bonus: As cute as they are, these crab burgers are also delish! Get recipe from Kraft.

Monster Burgers Recipe
Monstrously tasty burgers are great for kid parties. Get kids into the kitchen to help build the silly sandwiches. Get recipe from Pillsbury.

Easy Mini Cheeseburger Pies
Serve your family with these Mini Cheeseburger Pies - a fun twist on the burger! Get recipe from Betty Crocker.

Turkey Turkey Burgers
These cute little guys have sweet potato fries for feathers. Just a fun and quick dinner or lunch to make for the kids. Get recipe from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons.

Monster Burgers
With sharp cheese 'teeth', gherkin 'tongues' and stuffed olive 'eyeballs', these spooky monster burgers are perfect for rustling up for a kids' party. Get recipe from Real Food Tesco.

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