The Most Epic Forts You Can Build at Home

By now, the kids are likely getting pretty bored and blasé with their home surroundings. Cheer up their day by building a really cool fort indoors, they can hang out in. Some really genius ideas to inspire you...

Tips for Building an Awesome Indoor Fort
Here are some great tips to take your fort-building skills to the next level, and make this luxurious hangout that will provide a great change of scenery for the entire family. Get instructions from The Kitchn.

Aladdin's Palace
Forts are awesome all on their own, but a palace fort? That’s totally next level. Use cardboard, colourful paint and inflatable beach balls to make this magnificent palace. Get instructions from Brit + Co.

Rocket Man!
Little ones will have a blast playing in this rocket ship fort. It has turnable knobs, a colourful port window, and plenty to play with inside! Get instructions from Kate's Creative Space.

Cardboard Play Dome
Make this fun small play house for the kids without spending a lot of spend money. You'll need some cardboard, glue and other supplies you likely have in your house. Get instructions from Instructables.

RV Fort
Who needs the great outdoors when your child can travel on the imagination highway in this really cool indoor RV fort? Get instructions from The Merry Thought.

An Easy Fort to Build
This fun and easy fort for kids would make for a great indoor campout. Get instructions from Art Bar.

Indoor Fort
This setup is the perfect way for the family to snuggle and read books. Fill up your fort with blankets and pillows; add fairy lights! You’ll be all set for a great place to hang! Get instructions from Little Winter.

A Reading Nook
This cute little reading nook will without a doubt, encourage little readers to take cover with a great book! Get instructions from Sew Liberated.

Indoor Tent How-To
This indoor tent is perfect for a pretend camping trip. Get instructions from Ducklings in a Row.

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